The financial behavior of a person defines how his year will be. Surely during 2017 he accumulated some debts that today, they have it thinking about how to solve them and be able to start this new quiet year. Therefore, if you plan or expect to have fast money through a loan next year, you should consider improving your financial life so that during 2018 you can achieve everything that has been proposed.


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Any entity that provides this type of monetary services will always be that its users can have a financial order in their lives, basically for two reasons: the first, because this allows them to access this type of services and the second because this also makes them able to pay for the products they have purchased without having any inconvenience when it comes to canceling their debts.

This relationship has caused more and more companies to join the culture of savings. It is very common to see advertising in banks and different entities promoting this behavior in their users, even many have taken the opportunity to offer other products such as programmed savings accounts where every time fast money enters their account, they discount a percentage of the amount you have entered and placed in that savings account you have chosen.

This is something that allows you as a user to have a much healthier financial life for several reasons:

  1. It allows you to acquire positive behavior about your money and about the expenses you may have that are not so necessary.

  2. It makes it possible to have an emergency “mattress” in case you need it at any time.

  3. You have fast money at your disposal, without having to go to any entity, because that money is yours.

Preparing for next year

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Is more than indispensable, because it will make all your income is headed to the right place. It is not convenient for a person who works so hard to get their money, have to pay it only in debt and cannot have a small amount available to buy something they like, to travel to a place that interests them and especially to save it.

In another of our blogs we wrote about how important it was to have a healthy financial life and gave some figures of what people currently consume unnecessarily and that it becomes the final known as ant expenses. So for this 2018 it is more than convenient to take this information into account, because what we found was not encouraging.

It is very possible that you are losing more than 10 million pesos a year to buy things that are not essential and can be reduced with a little effort. One of them is, for example, food, there are those who prefer to eat outside near their place of work, rather than cooking and carrying. The reality is that what you can consume in food is close to 6 million pesos a year, something that you would like a saving, do not you think?

It would be much better if I could count on that quick money for the purchase of an asset, be it a home or any other product that can exceed its acquisition value and that can sell a little higher in the future. Start by taking small steps and end up with your debts, it is the best solution you can give this 2018.

Prevent other entities from reporting it to risk centers and curbing their opportunities to get products that are necessary for you. Good financial behavior opens the door to many opportunities, such as housing loans, something that everyone aspires to one day: have their own home. The acquisition of services that would be almost indispensable in any home such as telephony, internet, television, among others, are offered only to those who have a letter of presentation economically speaking impeccably, if there is any type of negative report it will be almost impossible for the Telecommunications companies in this case, provide their service.


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From the lessons that 2017 has been able to leave you and change your financial behaviors for the next one, receive 2018 with a clean sheet and avoid borrowing money from your friends or in places where you shouldn’t, those where interests exceed the ability to Debt of anyone. Try not to have multiple economic services, that is, do not have more than one credit card if the quota of each one is greater than your income, with only one enough and ensure that the maximum amount you have does not exceed your salary.

At Lohengrin we are focused on offering you financial information that can help you get out of a bad time. For this, we have products and services thinking about a micro-credit modality that can be completely canceled in a short period of time and with more than fair amounts so that you have fast money. We invite you to continue exploring the other articles of our blog where you will find information about the company, tips to lead a healthy financial life, how to manage loans or credits, how to avoid a report at risk centers, what are ant expenses and Other content of great interest.

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