Paying with Credit Cards in Companies

Many companies do not realize the benefits of paying with credit cards . As a means of payment for clients as a form of internal financing, especially for small businesses and self-employed.

Let’s see the different advantages for companies to pay with credit cards:


Increase in sales

Increase in sales

especially in stores and retail . Companies often in the form of freelancers whose clients would buy more if credit card payments were allowed. It is true that having payment by credit card implies a commission for the establishment or even a monthly fee for having the POS , the most usual being the wireless or the most recent contactless , of the financial entity. But those expenses are usually compensated by the increase in sales. It is increasingly common that retail customers do not go with large amounts of cash, unless they are going to make planned purchases. So the payment by credit card allows to increase sales by impulse as well as attract new clients , independently of the amount of money to pay with the credit card. Although the main argument to allow payment by credit card to customers, is that they have credit to reach the end of the month . Instead of having to resort to personal loans or mini credits , many individuals resort to the use of credit cards even to pay for the purchase in the supermarket. But in the case of online purchases in online stores , the existence of a wide variety of means of payment, especially credit cards, through the use of virtual POS, becomes an obligation rather than an option.


Greater control

credit control

For customer payments made with credit cards in food companies, hotels (restaurants and hotels), shops, and beauty services. In those companies where employees have access to cash from sales to customers, there are greater risks of theft. So the payment by credit card reduces the possibility of stealing money by both external and internal thieves. In addition, in the case of business credit cards , the accounting control of small amount expenses is much greater than with the use of cash and payment of expenses by means of supporting documents. In addition and as happens in cards such as Sulrod , the company receives a monthly invoice along with the extract of payments made. What facilitates the accounting tasks as well as the deductibility of expenses made by employees and administrators.


Better Visa or ABC credit card?

Better Visa or ABC credit card?

Credit cards are an easy way to finance SMEs , especially the smaller ones in the form of self-employed. Because getting a business credit card in the bank with which we work is easier than getting money with a personal loan .

This is the case of corporate credit cards such as the Business or Corporate cards of Banco Pop.

Or credit cards for freelancers and professionals such as the Caisa Credit or Visa Classic card of Ma Caisa .

Cards that allow you to postpone payments by obtaining credit instantly for the value of 1500 euros up to 6000 euros in purchases and cash arrangements. In addition to having insurance for payments made, and discounts at fuel stations.

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