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All you need to buy your new home is financed in a single mortgage loan, even before having sold the previous one. The mortgage is divided between the house you buy and the one you have for sale.

You will have a term of up to 24 months (it will depend on the offers of the banks at all times) to sell your old home and you will pay a very small amount of mortgage loan in the process. You decide the amount you want to pay, choosing the fee that best suits your possibilities and preferences.

For a term of up to 40 years.

When you have sold, you will only have one mortgage left over the new usual home.

This mortgage product gives you the possibility of buying a new home as if you had already sold the current one .

You no longer have excuses to move to a better home.


Analyzing the mortgage house change

mortgage loan

The mortgage change of house what allows is that we pay a very small fee, of a mortgage loan on the house that is bought and the one that already has (and wants to sell). For the fee to be so low (similar to what will be paid when it has been sold), the financial institution grants us a lack of capital and part of the interest. This implies that what we do not pay interest is added to the outstanding capital, so that month by month we owe more money to the bank.

Therefore, it must be very clear that this home exchange mortgage product has a significant danger if the previous house is not sold within the expected period. In this unfavorable case, the client would have to face a significant mortgage debt on the two properties. It is prudent to calculate before if this high quota could be met with current income.


The home exchange mortgage makes sense

mortgage loan

If our current mortgage debt is relatively low and our home is easy to sell, but we have found another very good one (in value for money) that we do not want to let go. Not wanting to wait to sell the current house to buy the new one, we carry out the mortgage operation. But let’s analyze well if it’s worth it, before embarking on this type of mortgage.

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