6 obstacles in obtaining a loan


Interested in an online loan? See what difficulties you have when applying for a loan.

It is true that non-bank loans are readily available and dedicated to people who need a quick cash injection. It is true that, for the most part, you do not need a large number of certificates when submitting your application. It is true that people who have not received a loan from the bank can apply for quick cash from the lender. But it is not true that every application will meet with a positive decision.

So what should you pay attention to before you get a loan online? Below are the most common reasons for rejecting an application. So what to avoid and what to remember.


Registration in the BIK, BIG, ERIF and KRD databases

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Unpaid receivables with an entry in any of the above institutions are often grounds for rejecting an application. This is due to the responsible lending policy. Nevertheless, each case is considered individually and the appearance in the bases of debtors does not have to definitively cancel the chance for a loan. Especially if it is a small debt with a small amount.


Errors in the registration form

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An old Polish proverb says “When a man hurries, the devil is happy.” It is worth remembering them sometimes, especially when we proceed to fill out the registration form. It is very easy to make a mistake, and typos can change the content of your data! In addition, as part of the verification, the lender checks the compliance of the online form content with personal data to which we have set up our bank account. Therefore, after completing the application, carefully read and check the information you provide.


Lie has short legs

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Unfortunately, it happens that in order to increase their chances of getting a loan, some people overstate the financial situation and declare untruth, which of course affects their “unreliability”. This is not worth doing! Non-bank companies have many ways to verify our data.


Other loans from another company

Other loans from another company

If the loan institution provides its services on the basis of the principle of “one customer – one loan”, this may mean that it will not be possible to incur liabilities from another company at the same time. You must first repay the debt and apply for a new loan as soon as the repayment for the previous loan has been credited.


Unregulated parking tickets, unpaid parking lots …

Unregulated parking tickets, unpaid parking lots ...

Among the most common reasons for rejecting an application are also arrears in the payment of “small” liabilities, such as fines. When applying for a loan, you should also opt out of having credit cards and excessive limits on your account, especially if you do not use them.


What too much is not healthy

What too much is not healthy

It is a serious mistake to submit many loan applications at once, which often results from searching for the best offer. To increase the chance of credit, do not try “happiness” on the principle: “I will not succeed here, but I still have an application, so a knife.” Well, the Credit Information Bureau sees how many queries we have asked for a loan, but does not see how many of them have met with a positive response, so for the lender it is an important warning signal about the risk of redirecting.

To sum up, regardless of whether it is a loan, payday loan or quick loan online at Franny Wit, remember that non-bank institutions have their own verification processes. If you want to reach for cash conveniently, remember to consistently build a positive history in BIK and check the information about yourself from time to time.

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